What is the collective bargaining process and why is it important?

Collective bargaining is the process that we engage in to facilitate formal contract negotiations between Northwest Construction management and the unions that represent our employees. Each year, unions represent workers across the country and negotiate or renegotiate bargained contracts. This process allows us to come to a mutually beneficial agreement that protects the interests of employees while ensuring we maintain a strong and healthy business that can continue supporting our workers and their families.

What is the best way for me to have a positive impact on my union’s negotiation?

The most important thing all NWC employees can do is to exercise your rights by engaging in the negotiating process and make your voice heard by voting on the proposed contract once we have reached that stage. Additionally, we encourage all employees to seek accurate information and become informed and educated about the issues. We will be providing information and resources to help facilitate strong employee participation throughout the process.

What role will Northwest Construction management play in the process?

Northwest Construction management is committed to playing an educational role in the process and supports the AGC negotiation team in their efforts to partner with the union negotiation team. We will continue encouraging all employees to engage and make your voices heard in the process and sharing fact-based information about the status of negotiations and ultimately, the contract itself. Proposed contract changes will only be communicated when union and company negotiation teams have come to a tentative agreement.

Where should I go if I have questions?

We have set this website up as a place for employees to access information and ask questions. We will be updating this website regularly throughout the process and providing the most current information that is available to us. If you have question or see information you aren’t sure about on social media or other platforms, please contact your supervisors who can help provide factual answers and direct you to credible and trustworthy resources.