Brightwater Treatment Facility

Woodinville, WA

NWC is currently in the process of closing out the last of a multi-phase contract on King County’s Membrane Bioreactor Sewer Treatment Plant. These phases, when combined and completed, will total an estimated 143,000 manhours worked by NWC personnel.

Because the site was previously used as an auto wrecking yard, storm water runoff containment and erosion control was a critical project component. NWC excavated temporary detention ponds and designed a custom pump system to convey storm water to a central location for treatment before being released into the storm system. This method led to a reduced number of treatment systems, increasing operation efficiency and saving project dollars. NWC’s erosion control measures are now being used as models by the Washington Department of Ecology for compliance inspector training.

The erosion control measures NWC employed during this project are now being used by Washington Department of Ecology as part of its compliance inspection training program.

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