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General Summary:

Project Managers ensure the primary objectives (safety, quality, profitability, and schedule) for each project are met to the best extent possible by performing and/or delegating the following duties: 


Basic Responsibilities:


  • Work with Senior Management to maximize competitiveness of new construction projects. 
  • Develop a thorough understanding of each project.
  • Demonstrate credible interface with client, subcontractors, and consultants.
  • Confer with clients to negotiate terms of contract.
  • Effectively schedule all preconstruction activities.
  • Effectively develop and track budgets.
  • Engage subcontractors for any required activities.
  • Demonstrate risk recognition and management skills.
  • Create a completed project schedule for the construction team and plan for implementation of project schedule.



  • Demonstrate strong planning skills.
  • Maintain a thorough understanding of each project from start to finish.
  • Apply effective problem solving skills, which are appropriately creative and innovative. 
  • Create budgets, allocate resources, and determine schedule of project deadlines.

  • Purchase and ensure that materials for construction are on site as needed
  • Inspect work at sites for compliance with contract terms and specifications
  • Actively lead the safety culture on each project & conduct regular project safety audits
  • Identify and control risks
  • Submit accurate monthly and job-end cost reports and labor forecasts
  • Complete Extra Work Orders, Change Orders and other document processing
  • Review construction team operating results
  • Demonstrate cost control skills


  • Source/secure new business opportunities through establishing initial contact and sustaining long term relationships
  • Foster outstanding customer service and positive client relationships
  • Convey an image that supports Northwest Construction’s values
  • Deliver effective presentations and demonstrate effective meeting skills


Project Manager