Projects » 8th & Blanchard

Projects » 8th & Blanchard

Owner: Clise Properties Inc.

Architect: Graphite Design Group

Location: 2200 8th Ave, Seattle

Size:  $4.9 Million

Depth: 7.5-stories below grade – 80’ deep


    Total Soil: 72,930 Cubic Yards

    Conveyor Moved Material: Over 60,000 CY

    Structural Backfill: 2,055 tons


NWC completed the excavation of the 2202 8th Ave Project in the summer of 2016, installed the building utilities in the summer of 2017 and is finishing up the site work in June 2018.  This project entailed an extremely deep excavation on a site with a small footprint.  The site was only 1/6th of a city block, and the excavation was 80’ deep.  The excavation included a 7.5 floor parking garage for the 41-story McKenzie Apartment Tower and utilized NWC's conveyor technology in this dense urban environment centered in the middle of the Amazon Rufus Campus.   The excavation was so deep that three conveyor belts were required to extract the dirt from the bottom of the excavation to the street for load out.  The small footprint created tight working conditions and extensive coordination with the shoring subcontractor. NWC was able to design and install the three conveyor belt system that fit within the small footprint.  Coexisting and thriving with the shoring subcontractor in such a tight environment while maintaining the schedule was a great project achievement. True to NWC's constant goal, there were no recordable injuries on this challenging project.