Projects » Downtown Seattle Conveyor I

Projects » Downtown Seattle Conveyor I

Client:  Sellen Construction

City: Downtown Seattle

Size: $7.9 Million

Depth: 6-stories below grade – Over 50’


    Total Soil: 287,850 Cubic Yards

    Impacted Soil: 55,695 CY

    Conveyor Moved: Over 200,000 CY

    Structural Excavation: 6,690 CY

    Structural Backfill: 5,600 Tons


NWC completed two adjacent block projects, and the first was this one with Sellen Construction during the summer of 2017.  The project entailed a full city block excavation of a 6-story, below grade, parking garage for an over 40-story office tower. Logistical challenges included truck access into and out of the site. This was overcome and over 13,000 truck & trailer loads of material were hauled from the sight ahead of the original excavation schedule.