Projects » Lincoln Square

Projects » Lincoln Square

Client: GLY Construction

City: Downtown Bellevue


Depth: 6-stories below grade – Over 50’


   Total Soil:  287,850 Cubic Yards



NWC installed new sewer manholes in the sewer main in Bellevue Way and installed side sewer laterals for this downtown Bellevue project and the future Bellevue Square Expansion project.  The Bellevue Way water main was also upgraded. Storm catch basins and pipe were installed to accommodate this new building. The location of the utilities located in the main arterials in downtown Bellevue including Bellevue Way created a challenge including constantly managing traffic and pedestrians.  The depth of the utilities also added to the challenge with the sewer being more than 20 feet deep in the middle of Bellevue Way.


A major achievement on this project was the efforts to partner with GLY Construction, property owners, and the City of Bellevue to obtain a full closure of Bellevue Way for 12 days. Planning and scheduling 4 utility crews, we completed the originally scheduled 3-month series of tasks in just 11 working days.