Projects » Tyler Plat

Projects » Tyler Plat

Client/Owner: MainVue WA, LLC

Location: S Lake Stevens Rd., Lake Stevens, WA 98258

Size: $4.1 Million

Scope: 9.5 Acre Site with 64 Single Family Homes


    Mass Excavation & Grading: Over 27,000 Cubic Yards 

    Storm Water Detention Vaults: Over 127,000 Cubic Feet of Detention Capacity

   Lock+Load Retaining Walls:  Over 14,600 Square Feet 

   Storm Pipe: 150 Line Feet of 24” PVC Pipe, 590 LF of 18” PVC & DI Pipe, 2,220 LF 

                           of 12" PVC Pipe, 240 LF of 8” PVC Pipe & 2,520 LF of 6” PVC Pipe

  Water Line: 2,200 LF of 8” DI Pipe

  Sanitary Sewer Pipe: 2,400 LF of 8” PVC including a directional bore underneath 3

                                         existing City of Everett Water Mains & 2,500 LF of 6” PVC


 Mainvue Homes hired NWC to develop 9.5 acres in Lake Stevens, WA for the construction of 64 single family homes. The project consisted of mass excavation and grading, installation of Lock+Load retaining walls, 2 CIP stormwater detention vaults, site utilities including a directional bore underneath the existing City of Everett Water Mains. The equipment-based GPS technology was utilized and NWC also used a drone to map the progress of mass excavation and grading.


 One of the challenging aspects of the project came after potholing the existing City of Everett Water Mains. It was determined that the design of the sewer was in conflict with the Water Mains.  The entire route of the offsite sewer had to be redesigned. This was still accomplished within the established project timeframe and budget.