Projects » Issaquah Gateway & Seniors

Projects » Issaquah Gateway & Seniors

Client: Exxel Pacific

Owner: Issaquah Gateway LLC

City: Issaquah, WA

Size: $12.8 Million


    Peat Over Excavation: 146,000 Cubic Yards


 The project was contracted with Exxel Pacific for a multi-family site located in Issaquah. The 30 acre site was developed for a 19 building apartment complex with challenging site conditions of both peat and a high water table. The project entailed erosion control, mass excavation, peat over excavation fine grading, sewer, water, storm, dry utility trenching & backfill, roadway improvements, frontage improvements, offsite storm, and other property improvements.  One of the highlight achievements was the shallow boring operation conducted under Tibbetts Creek with no environmental impacts.