Projects » Overlake Medical Center

Projects » Overlake Medical Center

Client: GLY Construction

Owner: Overlake Medical Center

City: Bellevue, WA

Size: Over $2.0 Million

Depth:  18'


   Sanitary Sewer: 500 Line Feet

   Water Line: 425 LF

   Storm: 700 LF


Teaming with partner GLY Construction, NWC performed this $2 million early utility work project to prepare for the NET-2 tower construction on Overlake Medical Center's downtown Bellevue Campus.  Work included clear & grub, site demolition, TESC (temporary erosion and sedimentation control), pipe abandonment, sewer, storm & water installation, installing a Modular Wetlands Vault, Storm Pipe Casing, Traffic Control, and Paving.


This project was located inside of an active hospital campus.  All hospital services had to be maintained at all times including the Emergency Room Entrance.  The project also had a tremendous and constant flow of pedestrians that had to be accounted for in planning our work.  Our crews were able to complete this extensive work by performing multiple road closures at the hospital and in the City Right-of-Way while still providing safe and efficient access to staff and patients.