Projects » Westin Waste Heat

Projects » Westin Waste Heat

Public Client: ECO District LLC

City: Seattle, WA

Size: $1 Million



NWC performed this classic downtown central business district underground utility project as a sub-contractor for the ECO District LLC.  The project included demolition, excavation, haul-off, disposal, shoring, and support of existing utilities, as well as piping & conduit installation, piping pressure testing, backfill, compaction and restoration to install all new utilities. Beyond the standard traffic control and signage efforts for one of the busiest areas in the central business district, this project included the removal of asphalt and concrete  and installation of roadway places and shoring to enable access to the targeted underground utilities without impacting the existing ones remaining in place.

The close-quarters trench excavation and subsequent pipe installation and backfill were accomplished with minimal adjustments to the project schedule despite a number of change orders and associated sub-contractor delays.