Projects » Westridge

Projects » Westridge

Client/Owner: Polygon Homes

Location: Issaquah Highlands

Scope: Plat for 72 Single Family Homes & 109 Townhomes

Size: $9.7 Million


   Storm Pipe:  17,000 Line Feet

   Water Line:   9,000 LF

   Sanitary Sewer Pipe: 9,000 LF


NWC proudly teamed with local owner, Polygon Homes, on this multi-phase project preparing a plat for 72 Single family homes and over 100 townhomes.  This project involved a great deal of use of our GPS guided equipment technology. Since 2014 NWC has consistently utilized Topcon GPS systems on our grading equipment. Although this does not replace conventional surveys performed by license surveyors, it is a very efficient grade control tool that increases the efficiency of our project operators. 


This project spanned over several years in a neighborhood consisting of an active hospital, neighboring residents and commercial retail space that all remained opened throughout the life of the project.  Our crews were able to perform multiple road closures in a residential neighborhood environment while still providing neighbors with access to their homes and maintaining a great relationship with residents, the hospital and the City of Issaquah. We were pleased to receive hand written notes from the children in the adjacent elementary school in which they complimented our traffic control efforts and expressed thanks for providing them with a safe access route to and from the bus stop.  


An enormous amount of material was moved on this project sufficient to create the 2nd largest detention vault Polygon has ever built on their properties. Through these challenges and all other project tasks over a 24-month time-period, the project team maintained a solid safety record despite tough, rainy winters & the hot dry summer weather.