Whirlpool Distribution Center

Tacoma, WA

Site development of this 900,000-square-foot center began one month after the planned start date due to permit delays. As interim milestone dates were inflexible, NWC developed an accelerated schedule. The scope of work included clearing and grubbing of a reclaimed gravel pit, over-excavation and reconstruction of 15 feet of below-finish floor, and over-excavation and reconsolidation of the building pad totaling 180,000 cubic yards.

NWC also performed cut-to-fill site work, installed a 2,300-foot off-site water line of 16-inch pipe, completed grading and capillary break for the building footprint, and constructed an on-site storm system with detention ponds. Another major task involved structural excavation, backfill, and construction of railroad grade for a railroad spur into the building.

The extensive earthwork component of this project involved moving 750,000 cubic yards of earth for construction of a 30-acre distribution center.

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