WSDOT, I-5, SR 161/SR 18 Interchange Improvements

Federal Way, WA

NWC is currently working with WSDOT to construct major improvements to the connection of I-5, SR 161, and SR 18. The project will modify the interchange to eliminate weaving vehicle movements with the goal of improving existing and future traffic flow, reducing the number of collisions in the area, and reducing impacts to the environment through rebuilt stormwater ponds.

The reconstruction includes replacing two cloverleaf ramps with flyover ramps, constructing a new ramp connecting the new flyover ramp to SR 161 at S. 359th Street, and building new SR 18 ramps to accommodate the new northbound and southbound I-5 flyover ramps. When additional funding becomes available, WSDOT will upgrade the other ramps and connections to and from I-5, SR 18, and SR 161.

This project eliminates traffic weaving movements – a product of congestion on the cloverleaf interchange design – and reduces the potential for sideswipe collisions.

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