Tokul Creek Bridge Scour Repair

King County, Washington

NWC led emergency bridge scour damage repair work under SR 202 at Tokul Creek. The damage was a result of trapped wood and debris between two decades-old bridge piers, which caused fast-moving water to erode the banks near the bridge abutments. Work in this sensitive fish habitat involved temporary re-routing of Tokul Creek, removing debris and the existing piers, and positioning 12-ton boulders to protect the new piers supporting SR 202. NWC designed two bypass systems, implemented the use of water bladder dams, and utilized environmentally friendly equipment to protect the habitat. This project was completed within 25 days, five days ahead of schedule.

NWC maintained access to SR 202 by balancing the use of the roadway as a staging area and the placement of 12-ton boulders along the streambed with vehicle and truck traffic needs.

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